Blogging Community, a community is a group of people who help other bloggers who know little about blogging. Many top bloggers use community to help others achieve their success through the online community. I have not been blogging for a while now readers are leaving my blog, which is bad for my business. But I will put some work to get my business back in place.

Many big bloggers charged a fee for community support, while others give it for free. I will be very hard to help youngsters and elders about blogging., creating the life of freedom! I will put in some new strategy in place to help bloggers like you to become bloggers as well.

Community support Will be free for visitors, I will update my readers on content each month to make my visitors know that am legit not scam. I have been working on Pinterest for some time, very competitive.

Visitors can also sign up for my email list to get free ebook and goodies. Emails are I for people serious about blogging and who want to take their career to the next level; I create blogging tutorial in my email lists to help people master this whole blogging game.

I will teach many topics as well from Google SEO, Pinterest traffic; Email marketing and blogging for beginners. All these courses are to help my audience master the game and become professional in less than a year. I teach people what works. Many bloggers don’t teach what works. I will teach how to get on the first page of Google in no time and get Google. Organic traffic and Pinterest traffic as well.

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Does anyone ever buy an article from Fiverr? What Do You Think?

Well, Fiverr is a very good platform where people can go buy articles I have bought two articles or more articles in the past but people tend to not trust Fiverr; because they feel like they are too many scammers on those platforms. Those platforms are cheap so people think those platforms are not good enough.

What is SEO?

However Fiverr is very cheap, you can buy a gig on Fiverr for at least 5 dollars, while on Upwork things are very much more expensive than Fiverr. Absolutely you have better freelancers on Upwork than Fiverr. Upwork pay their freelancers more money than Fiverr. You’ll get kinda better freelancer on Upwork. I will tell you to use Fiverr and Upwork chooses which one you prefer though. If you love Upwork it’s your choice. Well, I use Fiverr because that what I can afford. I can’t afford Upwork is much more expensive for me as a poor person.

Fiverr: What about Fiverr and who owns the company?
Fiverr is an Israel online marketplace where people buy what suits their needs. They found Fiverr in 2010. It locates them in Tel Aviv Israel. Is Fiverr legit well yes! They are legit companies they give people what they asked for. Choose the right people to buy from on Fiverr. Check out their ratings. If they get a five-star rating. You are good to go.

Fiverr Vs Upwork
Upwork post jobs to attract freelancers, while Fiverr use their skills to attract customers as well.
They found Upwork in 2015 today Upwork is a global market for freelancers and customers. It locates them in California USA. Fiverr they are several sellers on Fiverr, They are level one, level 2; and top-rated seller.
Fiverr is good also because people can buy a project for 5 dollars to test you out first.

While on Upwork people will buy projects for large amounts of money while still not satisfied with the work as well.
They rely on id checks which is good because that help secure new freelancers.  However Upwork is kinda the same like Fiverr they all check for reviews and bids. Each time the bids go up your rankings go up. Even though the freelancer curse because they say that the platform is too cheap.


How To Start a food blog and get people to love your content?

Absolutely well, today! You must have used Google, I would recommend that you find out what people are looking for. Are there any people out there that are looking to start a food blog? Well, use Reddit, Quora, and Yahoo Answers to find out.

Food Blog

A food blog would be a good blog because people love cooking as well, people like to eat food and smell food. People like to learn new things about cooking. They would like to learn the new recipe that you are using to make your food smell good.

Absolutely you would have to get your website up and running to start a food blog right away as well! You will need to buy software as well, pdf and courses to learn more about how to start a cooking blog. You have to do research too. You can’t give people crap information. People can sense that as well.

Reddit For Beginners

Reddit is a great place to find out what people are searching for and what problems they are having. You can solve their problem by giving them good information. You can solve their problem by giving them tips as well. I use Reddit, to get information about what people really need to stop their problems.

http://How To start a food blog and get people to love your content?

Quora Vs Reddit

Quora is kinda similar they are kinda like Reddit. People always ask to question there you can go there and research what people are looking for and how you can help them solve their problems by giving 0them correct information. I can use as well as Pinterest to get content ideas so you can write a good blog post for your audience.

You’ll come across hurdles and obstacles as well but you have to push through that to succeed anybody can do this stuff it’s just the mindset. Work on you how Jim Brown says. I know it’s hard and I know that you think people aren’t helping you but you have to put out work to reach somewhere in life.…ce-quality-leads/

Do you like to make money?

Yes! Everyone likes to make money, I know me too! We all love money, but you have to have the mindset to make money from a blog. You can do so by putting ads on your blog as well. In regards, you can do so by selling courses as well.

How To Outsource Your Content Creation?

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First, you can use Fiverr, Upwork and I write. They are a good platform for people to used to get their content out at the forefront. I use Fiverr for a business they have helped me a lot of times. I use them for traffic, to write a blog post; and to build up my website. It’s very competitive out there on the market.

Fiverr is good if you know what you are doing you can get quality writers to write content for you, but you have to know what you are doing to get good writers out there, these writers are expensive. They are very demanding. You can find good writers if you know what you are doing.

Upwork as well which is a US-based platform that people use to get their work done. It’s very hard to get noticed on work If you don’t have the skills and knowledge of what you are doing. For me I use Fiverr it’s kinda cheaper than the most platforms. It’s very hard to find a good writer now these days.

Everybody wants money these days, so you have to know what you are doing. You can use Google, as well to put your content out there in the media as well. This comes done back to online business. People don’t care about you. Seek for yourself as well. It’s a dog eat time dog world we live in. You have to just stay focus on your goal.

For young people, they can use LinkedIn they are a very good platform as well. People use them to do business as well. I use them also for content creation. You can use them if you prefer it’s your choice.
I have been doing this since 2017. I am taking this thing very serious now! Take your content serious as well because it will help you in the long run not me.

How To Start a YouTube Channel?

Today! Affiliate-Professor. net will teach you how to create a YouTube channel from scratch. Just sit back read my article and have a nice day. You must create a YouTube channel first before you start anything else. You will need a Google Account to get started. I will encourage it because they are one who owns YouTube. They are the one that has bought YouTube from their young start-ups.


You must buy equipment as well to get started as a YouTuber, you will need to buy good equipment. Try to buy what you can afford because you’ll lose all the money that you worked so hard for. I would recommend that you go on YouTube and watch different videos that will teach you which type of camera you should buy to get your videos up and running. I would also recommend that you go on Google; do your research as well.


Develop what you want to achieve from your YouTube videos, is that you want to teach people what you have learned or is that you want younger people to learn things that you never learned in the past. It is good to have a YouTube channel because you can always come up consistently. People love to learn new things, they Wanna hear your story.


Develop your SEO skills, because YouTube is a very competitive platform; there are a lot of peoples out there that are teaching the same thing that you are teaching you to have to create beautiful content which is called high-quality content. When your content is good enough, it helps you as the creator of the videos and the audience you are trying to reach.


Learn all you can, as much you can if you want to become a good video producer; If you can buy courses do it. It is better for you as a YouTuber because life is short so try to create a career out of this thing. Do what it takes to be the best because you will be happy in the end. Put in all those sleepless nights and hard work they will be paid off one day.


Use a good video editing software, for the videos you have to use good editors because they make your videos beautiful and sound good. Search Google for a good video editing software. Google will show you one. Purchase a good one if you can.


Try to monetize your videos as well. When you monetize your videos, you can make a living from it. You use that money to invest in your career. It will be better for you as the creator. You can use that money to pay bills as well. Just to save a little money in your pocket. People tend to trust you more! Keep putting out the work. You’ll see good rewards.

Why You Should Not Quit Your Blog?

  • Definitely, you must not quit from your blog no matter the journey; as a blogger, be persistent because blogging is a process, and it takes time. Put in work to reach somewhere in life’ as they always say poor people feel the pain not rich people. Because the rich have life easy while the poor have life very hard.

My Journey as a Blogger and a marketer

  • I started my blog say about 2018, that’s when I first started to hear about blogging, but I didn’t take blogging serious so I used to watch YouTube videos about how to become a blogger or a marketer I used to listen to a podcast.
  • Journey 1

    However, you have good bloggers out there that will teach you about blogging and how to become a blogger and how to make money while sleeping or just a little of work well nothing works like that you have to put in work to reach somewhere.

  • For me I didn’t get any guide as a blogger, I have to search down the internet; look around to find how to become a blogger and how to make money online. Well, they will tell you many things about how you can make a ton of money blogging which is a lie. Buy courses, read pdf; watch good videos, but some of these bloggers not even make money blogging.

Third Journey

  • They are many things that come into the blogging world you have to use WordPress; Buy word press plugins; Do SEO; ethically you find out what other bloggers are doing to make a living blogging. They will not show you how to make money online, because if they show you they will not make any money from blogging.

Fourth Journey

  • It is hard am telling, cause searching down the internet is a lot of work you search so till you will never come across websites which will tell you the truth about blogging. Some of these bloggers only want your money.

Fifth Journey

  • Find the right marketers to buy from when you are blogging because you don’t want to waste time looking for information hard to find. You will give up easily if you don’t know what you are doing.

Sixth Journey

  • For me, it’s a lot of stress It took me a very long time to find out what works from what doesn’t work because to get traffic from Pinterest is very tough. Some people will tell you to create high-quality images to be seen on Pinterest. Write a good description is a lie. You to find the right person who can give you traffic to your website that’s how you make money blogging. Everyone’s eye is on traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of your content is to be see-through search engines. For example Pinterest and Google, or search engines that people used to bean seeing through the search engines.

Pinterest VS Google

People use Pinterest and Google to get traffic free or paid traffic to their website. You have paid and free traffic but paid traffic comes quicker than paid traffic. Some people prefer organic traffic because you can get traffic months after month.

How a Search Engine Work
Well, a search engine such as Google and Pinterest are two different search engines, they base Pinterest on images you have to create high-quality images for Pinterest to rank on Pinterest; however,

Google, gives you at least 6 months to rank on their platform. I use Google to optimize my content for their website. However, Google is a very good search engine. However, Google checks how people react to your website, your bounce rate.

If people come on your website for a while, and they stay for a while google checks for that. If your bounce rate is high Google will put your website below the other website. It is a very competitive platform that many people don’t know about. If you are not an expert, you will never get to the top spot on Google. Your blog post has to be of high quality.

Web pages, not websites earlier they rank different from Pinterest. Google uses a tool name crawling to identify that your website exists. They look for back links, when a person put your website link on theirs that make it better for Google to get your website ranked up in their platform. It is always good to get back links to your website and do internal links. Internal links are when you link your website to another blog post on your website. › what-is-affiliate-marketing

Factors That Can Cause Google To Not Rank Your Website
Internal Links: If you have poor internal links that can cause your website to get outranked on Google, Always ensure when your website which are a link to another article on your website. When you do that Google, ranks your article more! Outbound Links: When you someone links your website to another one that is called outbound links. Outbound links are very good because Google loves to see outbound links. I love Google even though it is very competitive.
Click the link below to find out more!

How To Create a Tech Blog?

Well, let Affiliate-Professor teach you how to create one.
Focus on your blog only, if you really want to succeed as tech blogger you have to focus on your blog only because people will tell you one bag of things, but you have to research the hard way to get good information.

First, focus and persevere if you want to be successful in the tech blogging world as a blogger. Research information, learn from other bloggers; go out there and find out what other bloggers are doing to make their blog stands out from the rest. You can use Google, Quora; BuzzSumo, and yahoo answers or Reddit to get more information for your niche.

Post Regularly you should always post your blog post regularly, stay consistent; you must always post your blog post regularly because it helps you as the creator of the content. People like to read blogs that are consistent because people trust you more! I always try to create my blog post sometimes when I have the time. But trust me blogging is very hard because people will not give you the right information as a tech blogger. When you search Google, you will get a million posts saying about how you can make a lot of money blogging. You can click the link below to find out more!

Which is not true! Work hard and keep creating content even when you are not getting many readers it will take time no blog build up overnight. It takes patience and dedication.

How To Get Traffic To Your Tech Blog
Well, you can use Pinterest or Google. Some people use Google or Pinterest to get traffic but to get traffic to your website, use Pinterest or Google.


Some people use Pinterest but Pinterest gives you traffic fast. But for Google, Google takes about 6 months for you to rank on Google, but some bloggers prefer Pinterest over Google because Google takes longer than Pinterest. As a beginner, you can use which one you prefer. But Pinterest is good. I use Pinterest though. I am trying to rank for Google.

SEO For Your Blog as a beginner
Well, write your keywords properly, get links; increase your site speed; always try to get a green light for each blog post because it makes your blog better for ranking on Google. Use images, get back links because Google loves blogs that have back links. Connect with other bloggers. Write high-quality blog posts to get ranked in the Google Search Engine.

Conclusion: is here to teach you all you want and any other problems you have just comment on or read my other blog post on my blog.
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