Well, yes, you can do affiliate marketing through Shopify. Shopify is a subscription software that charges you a monthly fee; every month they charge you a certain amount of money for your website on their platform. Shopify would come like Amazon, eBay; and Etsy. You can sell products, process orders; and enter store data.

How many Does It Cost To Sell On Shopify?

Well, Shopify charges an amount of $29 per month is for the basic plan and $79 for the Shopify plan. How do you sell on Shopify? Well, you must set up an account with them, enter a domain address; pick a theme, add products and install apps to support and expand your business.

Do You Think You Can Make Money Off Shopify Well Yes!

You can all you need to do is ensure that you know what your competitors are doing, try to be ahead of your competitors; learn different things. Go on YouTube watch videos and learn more! Remember, it’s a competition is who can sell the most products. However, you have many entrepreneurs out there that are making a killing in the Shopify business.

Which is better Wix or Shopify?

Well, Shopify is better than Wix. Why? Well, Shopify has a better app than Wix in terms of e-commerce integrations, because it has more features to choose from other than Wix. Wix is better for smaller businesses.

What the Major Affiliate Marketing Scam That You Should Look Out For As a Newbie In The Business?

Well, you can look out for the major, scams as a newbie when you are just starting out in the business.

Fake Affiliate Marketing Training

However, look out for fake affiliate marketing training as newbies; many people will try to sell you information which is fake to get your money in their pocket, look for those things as a newbie. They will try to sell you e-books, courses, and webinar.  Most of the training is just a waste of money and time and energy.  You might buy an ebook full of crop and fluff. Whenever you are buying, buy from a person who’s a name which is very famous or known.

The Get Rich Quick Game Definitely,

People will always tell you you can get rich quick fast just by doing affiliate marketing. They promise you, you will make 5000 a day just by working 2 hours a day which is a lie, nothing doesn’t come overnight you have to work hard if you want to be a successful marketer online. If any person tries to sell you an online software that works it’s a lie. Real marketers don’t do that real marketers give you information first then guide you through before you make money or make any purchase.

Paid to Join programs Scam

You must not have paid money to join programs that are a scam. Authentic programs let you join their programs for free without charging you any money. Just look out for those tricky games.

If you are doing affiliate marketing through Instagram, you have to first ensure you have a large following, a large audience. Try to build a large audience before you start affiliate marketing on Instagram. It will take some time though but be patient though when you are building your following, no one following will build over time.

Are Affiliate Links Allowed on Instagram?

Well, Instagram doesn’t allow affiliate links within a post but allows within a user profile, when visitors click on it it will take them to a page that looks similar like your Instagram page.  However, the images with the affiliate links are clickable which will take the visitors to your blog page or affiliate links page

How To Become An Affiliate On Instagram?

Well, however, if you want to an affiliate on Instagram you have must have built trust with the followers and niches. You should have a minimum of 2000 to 15000 followers on Instagram to gain this authority.  You must think about your customers who engage with your profile on Instagram the most. 

Can You Make a Living Off Instagram?

Definitely, well you can make a living off Instagram surely, Instagram has a monthly average of 400 million users on their platform, they have more users than Pinterest, You can make a good living off there if you what you are doing. Even if you have a larger follower, you can make decent money by posting pictures of yourself. Big companies will pay a high amount of money to people who have a larger amount of followers.

How To Earn Money Fast?

Well do online surveys, get paid to search the internet; Trade online you can trade online but you have to know what you are doing when you are trading.  Start your own website just like how I do.

I started my website two months ago; I have about 300k monthly views which I gain in only two months off Pinterest. You can do the same though. But, it is a lot of work though.  Put in a lot of work though; it takes a lot of writing, hard work; sacrifice and sleepless nights.

Finally, review website as well and apps; companies will pay you to review their websites and apps that help the company come up with better ideas on their websites and apps. They will want to improve on their website and apps.

How To Get Money without a Job?

Invest in Real Estate, Rent out a room; Start a blog and become an affiliate. Create an e-book and sell it on Amazon, eBay, and Gumroad. You can also sell on your website, become a freelancer; set up an account on Fiverr and start your job as a freelancer.

That’s where I get my website set up for only 500 USD which is cheap. I also get a large amount of traffic from Pinterest for that money. Get all my website set up for free also where else can you get that service for that money.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process where an individual receives commissions every time when someone purchases a product on your website or blog. We call this affiliate marketing.  The affiliate then searches for a product they like and then promote it on their website. 

How To become an affiliate marketer?

Well, for you to become an affiliate marketer you make sure you have a website or blog set up, then make sure you got a domain name that is being registered under SiteGround, Bluehost; GoDaddy, Namecheap; HostGator or DreamHost. Don’t waste time coming up with a new domain name. Just get a pen and paper and figure out what you want your domain name to be.

Things You Should Avoid In Affiliate Marketing?

Writing about a niche you don’t have the drive for, wrong product selection; never recommend what you don’t trust. Ignoring helpful resources, not trying things out; not doing SEO; only focusing on one source of income. Depending on one source of traffic.

You ensure that you always a disclosure your affiliation on your website. The law requires it you have an affiliate disclosure on all you blog post pages that contain affiliate links. It is a requirement by the FTC of the Federal Trade Commission.
Do you want to know how to get traffic to your affiliate products, courses or services?

Paid Online Advertising:

You can pay advertisers to advertise your products or service for you on their platform for examples such as Google, Pinterest; Facebook, YouTube, and Bing for example. Pinterest gives you traffic fast than any other platform. I gain 290k monthly views on Pinterest in no time.
YouTube: You can buy views on YouTube to promote your products and services on its platform.

Blog Post:

You can write a quality blog post, whenever you do that you will get a higher chance to get your blog post rank on Google which will bring in a large amount of traffic, to your blog post. I have been writing a blog post for the past few months knows so I know what to know when I am writing my blog post. I use the Yoast SEO Plugin which gives me the green light that tells me that my blog post is good and are writing good and my headings are good.

3 Mistakes Newbies Make When They are Just Starting out as an Affiliate Marketer?

They sell rather than help, which as newbies you must first find out what is your audience problems try to solve their problems first before you can think about selling them products or lead them to a sales page or what. Whenever you are promoting a product, always build trust with the readers first before you push that product on them. You can’t just push that buy now button! Always try to find out what they are looking for.
Joining Too Many Affiliate Programs you come across.

You should then think before you join an affiliate program, I joined two affiliate programs such as CJ Affiliates and ClickBank but you have more out of there that you can join but for me, I only join two affiliate programs. You can choose which you like or which one that pays you more money.

Not Testing:

You must always test your products and services before you promote it to your audience out there you must always put your shoes in the customer’s’ shoes before you, push the promote button out there. I am from Jamaica and I have learned about online marketing for the past few years and now I am a Pro. But it is very challenging though as a marketer though. 

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First you have to set up a website if you want to become an amazon associate, you will need to set up your blog get it up live and ensure that you have a theme

Sign up with an hosting company whether it is Bluehost, HostGator SiteGround. 

I use SiteGround for my word press website; they are fast, have great customer service and I don’t get any problem from them so far for the past 1 month know.

Can You Make Money as an Amazon Associate?

You can make money on Amazon as an Amazon Associate, if you are very skill enough and know the marketing strategy.

You know that to succeed in life you have to work very hard at anything you want to achieve in life, nothing in life comes easy or happen overnight it will take time for you to build up and become a great person on what you believe in or what you want to accomplish

Join the Amazon Mechanical Turk Program and get paid to do virtual task work. 
You can publish an E-book through kindle or selling stuff through the Amazon marketplace or the company’s e-commerce platform.

Those who are looking to start an online business through the platform. It takes an entrepreneurial mindset and hard work to become one of the best seller or to make money through the platform. How Does Amazon Affiliate Program work? 

In, order for you to rank on Google you have an SSL certificate to prove that you are legit and you are not fraud. So that visitor come to your site they will come back again.

When website owner and bloggers create links and customer click through those links and buy the products from Amazon, they earn a commission.

You ensure that your website or blog is secure and trusted and you ensure that you have an SSL certificate and you sent to the Google XML Site Map so that Google can ensure that your website trusted and secure.

How Much Do Amazon Associate Make per month? Well, you can make up to 25,000 per month as a blogger or website owner if you are very skill enough and you know what you are doing and how to sell a product as a salesperson.

You know how to persuade people, in getting them to buy your product from you and know what to tell them so they can buy more of your products from you.

In, order for you to rank on Google you have an SSL certificate to prove that you are legit and you are not fraud. So that visitor come to your site they will come back again.

You will learn the ins and out as a blogger or site owner.
You will market your products even better when you become a pro in your niche, you will what your audience needs and what they are looking for.

What percentage of your money does Amazon takes?

Amazon takes a percentage of 6 to 20 percent. If it is Amazon devices, they will charge you 45 percent if it is there device, but is usually 15 percent charge rate when selling as an Amazon Associate.

What’s the difference between Amazon Associate and selling on Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associate is a referral program in which they pay you every time you send traffic to their website from your website to theirs, when buyers make purchases on Amazon, if you don’t have any traffic you won’t make no money.

You’ll be luck enough to make 5 dollars in the first month, however as you go along your journey you will learn more grow and create more content and even better content.

Nothing comes overnight, so work hard and never give up in life, there will be some roadblocks and obstacles along the way when you are just starting out as a blogger

How Do You Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Links?

First link to product inside of your website when you are writing content for towards your Amazon Associate Program.

Link to Amazon as many times, do products review whenever you are writing content always do product review. Build an E-Mail list.

You ensure that you are always building an E-Mail list so that when visitors come to your site, they will always come back for more content.

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an internet crowdsourcing marketplace enabling individuals and businesses known as requesters to coordinate human labour that the computer itself can’t do. 

How Do I Promote Amazon Affiliate links on Pinterest?

Choose the right products Always try to choose the right products when you are promoting an amazon product on Pinterest their platform.

Pinterest know allowed affiliate links to be a promote on the Pinterest.
Pinterest banned it one of the time in 2015 and know legalize affiliate links that can be advertise on.