How To Get Your website Visited & Found Often

However, It’s very different now when keywords don’t even matter and your website is competing against an entire Milky Way full of websites, blogs, and forums.

Although you can use the list below to drive potential customers to your business website.

Content First

Include prominent sharing buttons on your content to make it easy for people to share your content on

Facebook, Linked In, Reddit, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

When Buzz Sumo analyzed the social share counts of over 100 million articles of an 8-month period,

They found that 8 of the top 10 most shared articles were quizzes.

Use metrics such as Google Analytics to analyze how your site visitors are interacting with your content and figuring out how you can tweak your content to increase your conversion rate.

Produce a regular email newsletter and provide an opportunity for your website visitors to sign up for it on all your business website pages.

Search engines still provide most visitors too many websites so make sure your site is a search engine friendly.

Make Visitors Comfortable Enough To Recommend You To Others

Make sure you have a privacy policy and full business contact information posted and use business and privacy seals to verify this information to your website visitors.

Answer potential customers’ questions in advance by having visible and fully developed policies regarding customer service and the collection and use of customer data.

Spread The Word

Place your business website address on all your printed literature including all your business cards, brochures,

Newsletters, letterhead, and ads. Use social media to promote your site.

Get started with How to Create a Social Media Plan and then read more articles about using social media on this site.

Place ads on the social media of your choice to drive traffic to your site.

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