First you have to set up a website if you want to become an amazon associate, you will need to set up your blog get it up live and ensure that you have a theme

Sign up with an hosting company whether it is Bluehost, HostGator SiteGround. 

I use SiteGround for my word press website; they are fast, have great customer service and I don’t get any problem from them so far for the past 1 month know.

Can You Make Money as an Amazon Associate?

You can make money on Amazon as an Amazon Associate, if you are very skill enough and know the marketing strategy.

You know that to succeed in life you have to work very hard at anything you want to achieve in life, nothing in life comes easy or happen overnight it will take time for you to build up and become a great person on what you believe in or what you want to accomplish

Join the Amazon Mechanical Turk Program and get paid to do virtual task work. 
You can publish an E-book through kindle or selling stuff through the Amazon marketplace or the company’s e-commerce platform.

Those who are looking to start an online business through the platform. It takes an entrepreneurial mindset and hard work to become one of the best seller or to make money through the platform. How Does Amazon Affiliate Program work? 

In, order for you to rank on Google you have an SSL certificate to prove that you are legit and you are not fraud. So that visitor come to your site they will come back again.

When website owner and bloggers create links and customer click through those links and buy the products from Amazon, they earn a commission.

You ensure that your website or blog is secure and trusted and you ensure that you have an SSL certificate and you sent to the Google XML Site Map so that Google can ensure that your website trusted and secure.

How Much Do Amazon Associate Make per month? Well, you can make up to 25,000 per month as a blogger or website owner if you are very skill enough and you know what you are doing and how to sell a product as a salesperson.

You know how to persuade people, in getting them to buy your product from you and know what to tell them so they can buy more of your products from you.

In, order for you to rank on Google you have an SSL certificate to prove that you are legit and you are not fraud. So that visitor come to your site they will come back again.

You will learn the ins and out as a blogger or site owner.
You will market your products even better when you become a pro in your niche, you will what your audience needs and what they are looking for.

What percentage of your money does Amazon takes?

Amazon takes a percentage of 6 to 20 percent. If it is Amazon devices, they will charge you 45 percent if it is there device, but is usually 15 percent charge rate when selling as an Amazon Associate.

What’s the difference between Amazon Associate and selling on Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associate is a referral program in which they pay you every time you send traffic to their website from your website to theirs, when buyers make purchases on Amazon, if you don’t have any traffic you won’t make no money.

You’ll be luck enough to make 5 dollars in the first month, however as you go along your journey you will learn more grow and create more content and even better content.

Nothing comes overnight, so work hard and never give up in life, there will be some roadblocks and obstacles along the way when you are just starting out as a blogger

How Do You Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Links?

First link to product inside of your website when you are writing content for towards your Amazon Associate Program.

Link to Amazon as many times, do products review whenever you are writing content always do product review. Build an E-Mail list.

You ensure that you are always building an E-Mail list so that when visitors come to your site, they will always come back for more content.

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an internet crowdsourcing marketplace enabling individuals and businesses known as requesters to coordinate human labour that the computer itself can’t do. 

How Do I Promote Amazon Affiliate links on Pinterest?

Choose the right products Always try to choose the right products when you are promoting an amazon product on Pinterest their platform.

Pinterest know allowed affiliate links to be a promote on the Pinterest.
Pinterest banned it one of the time in 2015 and know legalize affiliate links that can be advertise on.