Furthermore, a blog is like an online journal that can provide information to visitors that come to your website daily, but as a blogger, you must write content daily so you can build trust when they come to your website.  What’s the purpose of a blog? I mean a blog to provide information about you and to build a brand.

It’s best used to establish authority and build trust. Popular blogs like ProBlogger or Social Media Examiner are business blogs that made the business of blogging itself working for them.

Does Blogger Get Paid?

However, bloggers make money they make money through affiliate marketing, Advertisement; Sponsored Post, E-Mail Marketing, Freelance Writing, etc.

They pay you when people click on your affiliate links. You can sign up for different affiliate programs, you have many affiliate programs such as ClickBank, Share a Sale CJ affiliates and many more!

What’s the difference between a website and a blog?

Blogs and website have two similarities a blog is like a journal, you can write content buy you have to update your blog regularly to keep people coming back to your blog. The difference is that a website is more static and turn into pages.

How Do Beginner blogs make money?

Affiliate marketing e-Books Online Courses Freelance Writing Google Adsense Coaching and Consulting.

What should you blog about?

You can teach anything you know, figure out your passion; consider finding solutions to the reader’s problem. Write like you are an expert in your niche, let the readers think you are a pro, a master and let them have a feeling that you are the best person in the world on the niche you choose.

Think about what you want to achieve out of your blog over the next five years as a blogger is it you want to make money as a blogger or it’s just a hobby, but if you are serious enough, you can create a career out of this thing, it won’t happen overnight.

It’s a process you have to be consistent you will not get traffic overnight just keep putting out content even when you are not getting enough readers just be persistent.

Why People Blog? The Benefits of a blog?

Express yourself and share your passion, differ from the other bloggers try to be a profession on your blog, make people think you are legit;  Research your writing skills try to find out what is your weakness and what are your strength.

Nonetheless, learn how blogs make money online, learn how to monetize a blog; learn how to create a sales page, learn how to create courses, e-books; learn how to build an email list, learn how to set up a website with word press, how to get it up and running.

Research keywords, learn from other bloggers who have successfully created a blog already and make money off it. Go on YouTube learn from these marketers.

Learn from Create and Go and Nathan Lucas

They are two bloggers that I learned how to create a blog, getting up a Pinterest account set up in no time. They take me from advance to a beginner as a blogger. You can ask me anything if you have any problem. I will teach all you want to know from blogging to make money online.

Become an authority on your website, let people trust you make them rely on you as their problem solver, let them think you can help them achieve their goals and desire. Let them be happy.

When you do that, you have a more chance to get traffic from Google users. Your website rank on the Google Platform. So write high-quality contents good headlines and good length sentences. The shorter your paragraphs the better for you as the producer of the content.

How To Choose the Right Topic?

Nevertheless choosing the right topic can confuse you as a beginner when you think what to blog about, well you can blog about anything as long as you know what you are doing as a blogger. Just pick a topic, anything that you’re good at. For me, I choose to blogging as a topic for me. I mainly focus on how to start a blog and create a business online.

Health and fitness sports DIY Blogging Travel Blog Cars and Automobile
How Important is SEO to a Blog? Well SEO is very important when it comes on to blogging, write high-quality content on your blog to get ranked on the Google Platform.

8 Popular Blog Niche That Makes Money and drives traffic huge on Pinterest.ParentingHealthLifeStyleHome DecorNewBorn

Finally, what are the most successful blogs in the world? Huffington Post Life hack Mashable The Phrasee Blog The Verge

7 ways to start a profitable blog online today and live the life of your dream in 2019

Blogging and Content Marketing

  1. Passionate about weight loss dance
  2. monetize your blog
  3. weight loss dance cooking
  4. choosing a domain name
  5. build an e-mail list

Choosing Hosting:
When choosing a host you can choose any hosting company you prefer they couple good hosting companies out there that you can use when you are creating a blog online, I have four good hosting companies that you can use if you starting a blog online; Dream Host, SiteGround;

Blue Host and the last one is Host Gator these are the four best hosting companies that I know of.

Pick a Topic:
When creating a blog online it is very important to choose a topic because when choosing a topic from early it helps you from not quitting too early when you start out to blog online. I don’t want you to start a topic you don’t have a passion for! Many people choose topics that they don’t have any interest in so it is important to choose your niche from early.

Choose a Domain Name:

When choosing a domain name it is very important to get a pen and a piece of paper and do a rough draft and think about what would you like your blog to name.

For me I have to think about a day for my domain name then write all the names I can think of. When choosing a domain name it is very important to choose a name that ends; or net, so that people can remember your site name easily. GoDaddy is the number one domain Provider

Install WordPress:
You must install word press when your site is up and running, word press one of the best software when it comes on to development of websites because they have so many features that not even Wix or Weebly have, they are fast they have many plugins which Wix and Weebly don’t have; 27% of the internet is powered by word press. They have everything that you would have think of when it comes to creating a website.

Choose a Theme:
When building a website you must always have theme, When you have a theme, it make your website looks more beautiful, and it allows you to gain more readers because when people come to your website the first thing they do is look on your website, when they see the beauty of your website that makes them feel better because they can see that beautiful theme. Themes are used to give your website that looks on their faces. 

Build an E-Mail List:
Above all e-Mails are very important because it allows you to keep your readers ahead whenever you are coming up with new products or you want to send out a newsletter to your readers, when you have a list of readers you don’t have to rely on Google or Pinterest for their traffic or for people from these search engines to buy your traffic.

Google and Pinterest

However, they can change their algorithms anytime. But when you have a list nobody can take it from you so it is very important to have a build an e-mail list from early, you have different e-mail services such as Aweber, MailChimp; Convert Kit and Sendy.
Some email list providers will give you the first 2000 subscribers free then after that you have to pay for their services but anyway you get 2000 subscribers free from MailChimp on your fist sign up.

Monetize your blog:

Nevertheless, the last thing you must do is to monetize your blog, because if you don’t monetize your blog, you won’t make any money. As a result, they are a lot of ways you can monetize your blog,
Join Google Adsense first when you will monetize your blog; because when you use Google Adsense it is easiest and the quickest way to make money online. 

Become a Coach:
Are you passionate about weight loss, dance, cooking?
What makes you tick? However, it is very important when you want to become a coach in the Marketing Industry.

Anything you passionately blog about is fodder for money.
if done ethically.
Are you passionate about weight loss, dance, cooking?
What makes you tick?
Anything you passionately blog about is fodder for money if done ethically.

Whatever your skills make them work for you.
Create an outline for your coaching sessions and promote it on your blog.
Besides if you want to become a certified coach but don’t know where or how to start have a look at this free insider’s workshop.
Some tips on becoming an online coach

Build a reputation:
To put it nobody will hire you to be a coach if they doubt your capabilities.

Engage your audience:
For someone to trust you as a coach, show that you are open to a professional relationship.

Answer their questions, follow-ups, and be courteous in your dealings.

Benefits of online coaching:

Finally reach more people, no face to face meetings. You can do Skype sessions or teach by email. Convenient work from home, no need to travel, save time and money. Is safer to receive online payments