How to use Pinterest? 400 million monthly users, Pinterest may not be a social media Whopper such as Facebook, Yahoo but it’s an important social policy or program with deep punching in valuable site. Half of all U.S. millionaire use Pinterest, for their purposes.But it’s not just old  people save their thinking on the site: 78 percent of U.S. women between the age of 30 and 50 also use Pinterest, And while it’s a real fact that the site does have more female users than young male,s 35 percent of new users of this site.

Why Pinterest Important for business?

Many people use Pinterest for many purpose,s so they use sites like Facebook and yahoo. Pinterest is a network where people look for stimulation,including special search for out ideas about new good things to buy. That means they are happy to see posts from traffic in their network. According to network sites, only Facebook or yahoo are used in terms of influencing nether land. social media user make,s many decisions for their business.

How to make a Pinterest account for your business site?

If you think to use Pinterest to improve your business, you should make a Pinterest site account,  except a personal site account. Business accounts offer business-special things or idea,s like logical method and the capacity to use Pinterest accounts.

If you have already your own Pinterest account, you can change it to a business account. You’ll just need to fill some specific information about your business and accept the business-special kind of your work.

If you don’t already have your own Pinterest business account,then you create just a Pinterest business account in few steps which given,s below.

Step 1: Make your Pinterest account for your business.

Go to the Pinterest  site page and click to  make a account of Pinterest to use for a business.write there your email address, password, business name, and your site name, and select which heading you like for your business such as : professional, public figure,broadcast media, online marketing,woman fashion,man fashion,nature, simple business, profit /non-profit, or such other’s. Check all kind of your service and personal policy. Then click the button to Create your account.

Step 2: Fill your profile figure.

You’ve now got the naked body of a Pinterest account, but you need to complete your profile details to create your label attractive and strong account.

Log in to your new Pinterest business account then roll down to the Profile section to set your own photo (optimal size: 160 x 160 pixels), fill the About you section, and add your business place name. Then, click  to maintain your account setting. In this way your Pinterest account has been created.

Step 3: Create a Pinterest board.

In this way your account is ready to go for work,so you feel need to start divide and share your informative content so, that Pinners will have a cause to follow your complete account one or more of your boards for your Pinterest account.

Step 3: Set pining to your board.

 The simple and fast method to save pins in your board use Bulk Pinner software, which allows you to 100 to 500 pins at a time in your board. So,install the bulk pinner software to pin easily. sometime from the site, press the Pinterest icon on your browser site toolbar.

  • Select your most favorite image, from the available options and click button to Save.
  • Add description.
  • Select which board that you like to save your Pin to.

Get traffic to your Pinterest account.

Now, the time to get more traffic to your Pinterest account .

You’ll also need to know  which boards your Pins are imported. Which can give you a knowledge able sense of how people think about your Pinterest  business and your products, and create new thinking ideas for how to adjust your Pinterest efforts. And you’ll get all information about the Pinterest traffic and interests of people who link with your Pins, create important and valuable contents to help your aim.

You will get more traffic to your Pinterest account and you achieved some millions viewers in a short time period just few months.So,  it can help to increase your business and get more profit in few month’s.


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Post original content

You must write original content if you want to get more views on Pinterest and get more followers you have to write more content on your write more content from Pinterest to your website whenever you do that it’s better for you to get more views on Pinterest.

Do not copy other people’s content and put it on your website you will never create a good blog you have to write content in order for people to trust you and keep coming back to your blog.
Whenever you started to that it’s better for you, people will sense that. So keep writing your own content on your website.

Repin Content from other from others, you must repose content from other bloggers and marketers because when you do that you have a more chance to build a loyal fan base and people trust you more when you do those things, your pins and content have a more chance to get viral on Pinterest and you have a more rating to get high-quality traffic to your website.

Follow other people on Pinterest

You must always follow people on Pinterest when you do that Pinterest users trust you because they trust you when you have followers and these users act on your profile, they are your friends they are the one that helps to spread the word of your content to the world, so have followers on your profile.

Use keywords in your description

Use keywords in your description when you are writing your blog post or your Pinterest Pins because Pinterest likes when your Pins are well descriptive you and have a more opportunity to get ranked in the search engines and your blog. So you ensure that you are writing well descriptive content for your website or your blog.

Remember that you will be competing with other bloggers.
Keywords are great because they help you rank in google search engines also, keywords are great because you have a more chance to rank in Google and get more traffic to your website also, you always ensure that you are writing good descriptions.

Make your website Pinterest friendly

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is not a social medium platform, it is a search engine like Google and Bing and Yahoo. But Pinterest is a better traffic source when you want traffic you can use Pinterest to get a huge amount of traffic in less than a month rather than using Google. If you were using Google, it will take you a long time to get ranked on Google but with Pinterest, you get traffic fast in no time.

Pinterest is a very good platform for beginners who want traffic fast and who want to make money using Pinterest or start a successful business online. You can set up a business account with Pinterest and get started right away. Pinterest has two profile business and normal profile. I use Pinterest for business. 

You must verify your website first by Pinterest.
Always get your website verified on Pinterest, when your website is being verified on Pinterest people think your website is legitimate which gives you a better chance to sell your Pinterest audience.
For most bloggers also, and marketers.

If they verify your website on Pinterest, you can sell products and services to your Pinterest audience, remember that Pinterest is a platform where people come to buy things when they are looking for a solution to their problems.

If you want to market on Pinterest in 2019, create boards with titles.

Titles are very important when you are on Pinterest

Because it makes people more easily find you in the Pinterest Search Engine When you have great titles people more to view your boards and you get to rank your pins and boards in the Pinterest Better.

Use descriptions To Spread Your Ideas:

However, when you are creating boards it better to write proper descriptions it let Pinterest know what your pins are about when you write proper descriptions When writing descriptions you ensure that you are putting in hashtags and good keywords.

Create Vertical Images On Pinterest

When you are on Pinterest, you ensure that you are creating vertical images

Because it makes your Pinterest profile look better and Pinterest love vertical images also, when people are searching for your pins they can find your pins more easily in the search engine;

When you pin to your pins into group boards, you make your users find you more easily in the group boards.

Design Relevant Links To Your Blog or Website

It is very important to create backlinks to your blog or website

Because it gives your blog and website a more viable appearance in the search engine;

You receive traffic from other websites that are more linked to you. The Search Engine will think your website is valuable.

You’ll get high-quality links to your website, but to get these high-quality links you have to write high-quality content. It also helps you get index in search results quicker. SEO consider link building as an important source to their platform.

Share Your Pins and Boards on Other Social Media Platform

You can share your pins and boards on other social media networks to get more links and traffic from other social media networks. When you do those stuff, you more to build trust with your visitors they will think you are an expert in your niche.

They will also think you are real because when you have over one account people more think you’re a legitimate person in your niche.

Have a Pinnable image on every post you write

Pinnable images are very important because they boost your Pinterest profile on Pinterest it lets you get more views on Pinterest. It makes Pinterest viewers view your profile on Pinterest. 

It makes your Pinterest boards more beautiful, and that’s what Pinterest likes. Pinterest love when your Pins are beautiful and boards. You are more to outrank the other competitors on Pinterest.

Create collaborative Boards Group

Boards are very important because this increased exposure to other contributors’ followers, they rapidly grow your Pinterest following. It exponentially increases your number of repins.

Add group boards to the mix and your pin have a more chance to go viral on Pinterest they are powerful. The more repins which means more traffic to your site. Potentially more clients, more subscribers, and customers.

Automation of Pinning

Many people will hire a social media manager,

So they can focus on other things else. You have an auto-scheduling tool which is TailWind that you can use to automate your pinning from your laptop.

TailWind is a very important tool

Which you can use to send out pins automatically without having to go to your computer or the laptop every time.

For me, I use TailWind also but now I hire an agent to send out my pins for me which makes work easier for me know. You can sign up for a tailwind free trial and test it out if you feel to.

Never the less Today I will teach you how to get a 100k monthly views in 2019.

I teach all the steps and techniques that I used to get 100k monthly views on my website.

I learned the tactics and tricks from other marketers are in the blogging world;

In addition, I watched YouTube videos and learn skills from other top bloggers are in the blogging game.

I started to use Pinterest for two months now and I have over 10,000 views already and you would like to know how I get that many views in Just One Month.


However, I set up my profile properly so that when people view my Pinterest account.

They would come back to find out the secret formula that I used to get 10k views that fast in less than a month.

I ensure I write my keywords correctly and images are beautiful to attract more visitors. I also ensure that my pictures are well created to attract visitors.


Although I created boards and join group boards to get my profile more expose to the public when joining group boards.

You ensure that your boards are well designed so that other group members can accept you to join their group boards.

Group boards are very important because it would help you as a producer of the content and the consumer who is receiving your content.

You can use software such as Canva, Fotojet, Fotors, and Pic Monkey to design your images.

For me, I use Fotojet and Fotors because of the pricing is cheaper for me.

But I don’t know which one you like you would have to go check it out and left a comment on my website.


You must read other blogs to find out what they do to get 100k monthly views to their website and you must read other people’s blogs on Pinterest to see what they do from the other bloggers who told people that there are bloggers and can’t prove their self.


Finally, If you are not an English Major and want to write your blog post very well like mine and I teach the secret and they write well and the tricks I used to write my blog post. Moreover.

I am not an English major though; I used a secret English software to write my blog post they have everything from plagiarism, grammar; overused and a summary of your writing.

Furthermore, If you are interested in getting this software, you can leave a comment on my website or sign up for my email opt-in if you are serious about being a blogger.

Or just send me a message to my email at and I would get back to you as soon as possible.


You’ll learn how to set up your website and get your website to approve by Pinterest, and from there and many more! Just stick around.

I have more content to give you my readers, so you have a lot to learn from me from creating a website.

Pinterest Marketing; Online Marketing, E-mail Marketing but every month I will teach you a different topic to get you familiar with my content.

However, If I ask you to purchase a product on my website, I am not looking for money from you.

That’s just a contribution to give you better content that all those bloggers who just want your money and don’t want to give you great content.


Finally, I will teach you how to set up a website with Pinterest also but many people use Facebook, Google and Pinterest to do business but for me, I use Pinterest because they drive a lot of traffic to my website other than Google or Facebook.

As a result, to rank on Google to get traffic Google will take a very long it can take up to 6 months or two get a decent amount of traffic from these platforms but I was glad that Pinterest was created.

Being 11 years old at the time I never know of Pinterest and now I am an adult and know to use Pinterest for my business.

For instance, I use them to gain traffic and use them to drive sales. I am glad that technology has upgraded it makes life easier than back in the old days.

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