If you have your own business or website is of anything, you should need to write basic and super content on daily basis. Good, and new satisfaction content on your site can bring you more traffic. It makes you look like experienced person, and in this way you can influence in very easy way. Here is very helpful process.



First you should think about your article.

What is the logic and thinking that I am trying to solve?

What is the main trouble that I am trying to solve?

If you’re studying something, for powerful work out, how to increase pinterest traffic to your business site, you could write about that because it’s fresh in your thinking you’ve lost some time for about this work, and because your intended people are trying to increase their money, they would be interested to understand about increasing their traffic.



It is the main part of your article in this five minutes you should think about your own thinking that what you will write about this article.

Fill in any incomplete thinking with questions your clients might have. For these example, they might ask from you, “Why do I need more brightness?”

Once you have a most powerful super idea, a paragraph, and some questions to answer, you’re ready to work out it. So, get ready to write.



For the next five minutes, write as fast as possible. Follow your outline that you draft fill in each part with anything that comes to your thinking.

If you stop to judge what you’re writing, you’ll lost your objects that you should slow your work.

This might be very heavy the first few minutes you do it, and it might even take you 15, or 30 minutes. But some time the more you do it, the rapidly you’ll get.



You may be surprised to know that how you can write an article with just 20 minutes on the clock. But the wondering is that how you edit your article in less than 10 minutes. You have to capture your natural strong voice, and your writing is already gossip and friendly for your traffic.

Spend half your last left time of your article on your ideas and clean up anything that might not be understood. Spend second half in correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation.



In this 5 minutes look at your strong natural thinking and see if you can work it into a title that will attract people attention. You can even write words straight forward from the article.

Perhaps, you can fast choose a headline because you’re famous with your word and message. You just spent 30 minutes writing your article, so coming up with a title for it shouldn’t be too tough.

Just make sure you use your keywords in your title and that your title is compelled the people to read out your article.

If you want to spend more time on your article, I suggest you spending it on your title. After all, if your title doesn’t attract their attention, they won’t read to your article.


Step 1: Thinking

Think about your article what you should be write.

Step 2: Organizing

In this step maintain your article wording and thinking.

Step 3: Writing

In this step you should write or type your article.

Step 4: Editing

Edit and correct all of your article.

 Step 5: Crafting Title

Title hunting is done in this section.


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How To Get Your website Visited & Found Often

However, It’s very different now when keywords don’t even matter and your website is competing against an entire Milky Way full of websites, blogs, and forums.

Although you can use the list below to drive potential customers to your business website.

Content First

Include prominent sharing buttons on your content to make it easy for people to share your content on

Facebook, Linked In, Reddit, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

When Buzz Sumo analyzed the social share counts of over 100 million articles of an 8-month period,

They found that 8 of the top 10 most shared articles were quizzes.

Use metrics such as Google Analytics to analyze how your site visitors are interacting with your content and figuring out how you can tweak your content to increase your conversion rate.

Produce a regular email newsletter and provide an opportunity for your website visitors to sign up for it on all your business website pages.

Search engines still provide most visitors too many websites so make sure your site is a search engine friendly.

Make Visitors Comfortable Enough To Recommend You To Others

Make sure you have a privacy policy and full business contact information posted and use business and privacy seals to verify this information to your website visitors.

Answer potential customers’ questions in advance by having visible and fully developed policies regarding customer service and the collection and use of customer data.

Spread The Word

Place your business website address on all your printed literature including all your business cards, brochures,

Newsletters, letterhead, and ads. Use social media to promote your site.

Get started with How to Create a Social Media Plan and then read more articles about using social media on this site.

Place ads on the social media of your choice to drive traffic to your site.