Free Twitter Tools: In this article you will know about twitter tools which are very helpful for sending automated direct messages. No one can refuse the fact that Twitter is a biggest marketing tool. It’s very important to know how to use it productively and how to create a beautiful profile.

There are more other social working bookmarking websites available for increase traffic such as Facebook, Instagram Stumble Upon, Digg, etc., but it’s pretty solid to hit Twitter.

Because Twitter is so famous, there are many working and effective tools available for following twitter viewers with similar interests, others unfollowing users in bulk, or sending automated direct messages to your viewers.

Sending a direct automated message (DM) to followers to recognize your logbook or your new services is not accepted spam as long as you do it faithfully and send only helpful links.

But, Twitter has detach the limit of 280 -282 characters from automatic there is no character limitation for a DM. I want to share with you useful and effective Twitter working tools for sending automatic messages and for sending direct automatic messages in bulk.

1. Social Oomph

Social Oomph is a gadget that will helpful for you to increase your productivity through sending automated or direct messages. In other side, Social Oomph also authorize you to schedule tweets, path keywords, follow those who are obeying you, get new viewers, use buzz, and much enough.

If you like to know more about Social Oomph, so check out how to auto- viewers your followers on Twitter. Here are the steps you should be follow to configure direct Twitter DM via Social Oomph. If you haven’t customize your account yet, you can do that here. Once you are inmost the dashboard of Social Oomph, click on “Following” and Follow-Back &then you will Auto-Welcome.

Now click on “Configure” to confirm configure any of your attached or showing profiles. You can also configure the message that you sent for confirmation. Here is what I have configured, And this message automatically send to your new followers.


2. Crowd Fire

Crowd Fire will be helpful to you if you are searching for to send direct welcome messages. What’s interesting here they are ready to add multiple welcome DMs & all of the messages will be sent automatically. This is little cool as you don’t wish to end up sounding like automatic sending the other same message to others people.

Here, one tip is to create your DM welcome message reboot sound as humanly as can do. Important things about Twitter DMs are given bellow:

  • You can send your own secret message to anyone who obeying you on Twitter.
  • You can answer to anyone who was sent you a DM, anyhow of whether or not they views you back.
  • There is no character limitation for a Twitter DM.
  • Use Twitter DMs to make a connection preferably than you demand to vend something.

To sum up: Free Twitter Tools

Don’t try to invest something via automatic DMs. Always be friendly and try to connect personally with your followers and viewers.(I advise the same things of attachment with your new followers on Instagram as well as.)


I hope you are well aware of more Twitter gadget that you have achieved to be useful. If so, you can share them with us in section of comments which below.

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